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Georgia Louise Johnston

Carlisle youngster Georgia Louise Johnston received a monetary donation from Hope 4 Kidz in 2008 after the charity received a heartfelt application from her mum Sarah Jane.

Georgia first showed signs of autism after being given the Measles, Mumps and Rubella jab at 18 months old but wasn’t officially diagnosed until she was four.

Georgia’s twin sister Kyla also suffers from learning difficulties but has adapted much more easily and by the time she was two had begun to move ahead of Georgia who is much more introverted.

Now, aged 11, Georgia is showing signs of improvement, but still suffers difficulties with her speech.

The monetary contribution from Hope 4 Kidz will be put towards a second visit to the Kaufman Speech Centre, in Michigan, USA, which worked wonders for Georgia when she first visited in 2004.

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